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What is NNN Investment

  triple net (NNN) property is an attractive investment option for investors.   These are typically single-tenant retail properties leased to tenants with high credit ratings on “net, net, net” terms (hence the NNN acronym). 

Stable Income

 The NNN structure will provide a consistent income flow with minimal management obligations for you.  In a NNN lease the investor’s only responsibility could be collecting and depositing their rent check! 

Passive Investment

Typically the tenant is responsible for all real estate taxes, insurance and all maintenance.Predictable Revenue Stream Because all property-related expenses are the responsibility of the tenant, the investor’s net cash flow is protected from fluctuations in expenses.Portfolio Diversification NNN properties provide many of the same benefits as investing in other real estate classes. 


 NNN properties are an appealing option for investors seeking steady returns with minimal management responsibilities. To learn more about popular tenants for this property type, contact Nedal Tamimi at innovative builders in  today! 

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